Lakeside Leadership Academy



We are all leaders. You may not always recognize it, but you carry some ability to influence the people around you. Whether it is leading in your family, with your friends, in your workplace, or at Lakeside Church on a Sunday morning, you are a leader. Lakeside Leadership Academy exists to help you to continue to to develop into the leader and disciple that God has designed you to be.

Lakeside Leadership Academy, otherwise known as LLA, is hosted at all of our permanent locations, led by Location Pastors and staff, and function similarly to a Small Group. LLA meets weekly on Tuesday nights, coinciding with the Spring and Fall Small Group semesters. Each semester will have a focus that we will develop and unpack throughout the semester. Topics range from the fundamentals of our faith, to principles of leadership, and you even will get the opportunity to hear insights directly from our Lead Pastor, Pastor Jason Hitte, and our spiritual leadership team.

There is no end to our leadership journey as Christ continues to grow and develop us. Since you are always growing, you do not graduate leadership or Lakeside Leadership Academy. If you want to continue to grow and develop as a leader and a follower of Jesus, LLA is a fantastic next step for you.

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